Ready To Load Sequencing Service - SeqReady2Load

To save on reaction costs, we offer a ready to load service. Assemble your reactions and mix them with big dye from ABI. After we receive the samples, we will provide the final purification step before loading them on the sequencer. We only run it once regardless of the outcomes.

Sample Submission

  • Please follow our premix guidelines for amounts of Sample, Primer and water to add.
  • Add BigDye version 3.1. Follow instructions from product for amount to add.
  • We will do the final purification step in the lab. (Please indicate in special instructions if you have performed the purification in your lab)

Turnaround Time

Results are delivered within 24 hours.

Placing Your seqReady2load Order

  • Step 1: Login to your account. If you don't have a login please Register an account;
  • Step 2: Select "Place Order" in the DNA Sequencing Section;
  • Step 3: Choose "Ready2Load Sequencing" on the left to begin your order process.
  • Step 4: Walk through the order process, review and submit the order.

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For help placing your order please call 1-800-758-1630.

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