Special protocol for sequencing of difficult templates

Secondary structure has been quite an obstacle in DNA sequencing. We have developed a special protocol that can overcome some secondary structures, including siRNA, shRNA inserts and hairpin structures.

Figure 1: Above is an example of the results that we did not use our special protocol for the secondary structure. As you can see, the usable data stops at the red line.

Figure 2: Above is an example of the results that we used our special protocol. You can see that the data still continues to be clear and usable following the red line. (Note: Same DNA sample and primer are used in both figures above.)


Academics $10/Rxn
Commercials $10/Rxn

Materials Needed

For successful sequencing, 300ng of DNA template is needed for each reaction.


We will email you chromatograms and text sequences for each reaction. The turnaround time is within 24 hours, the results will be available before noon on the next day if your samples are ready for pickup by 4:00pm.(**Note: Free repeats are not available for the Special Protocol.)

How to place special protocol order for difficult plasmids

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