Regular Sequencing - SeqRegular

Our full service Sanger Sequencing is good for standard Plasmid and PCR products.

Publication Quality Sequencing Service is also available for plasmid and PCR Products. We will perform primer walk sequencing reactions by using both DNA strands simultaneously. The accuracy of Publication Quality Sequencing data is guaranteed by virtue of complete complementary sequences between the two strands. View our Primer Walking page for more information

Benefits of SeqRegular

Sample Submission

Turnaround Time

Data is delivered within 7-12 hours from sample arrival in lab.

Same Day Service: Choose SeqExpress for your service type and place your order by 11am to receive results no later than 6pm the same day. (SD Branch only) Additional service charge may apply.


Pricing varies in each market. Discounts are available for large projects.

For price inquiries, please email

Placing Your SeqRegular Order:

For additional questions about these services email

For help placing your order please call 1-800-758-1630.

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