Sequencing - Primer Walking Services

In our Primer walk service, we conduct initial primer extension reactions from universal or customer specified primers for plasmid or PCR products greater than 1 kb in length. Unique primers corresponding to the terminal sequence obtained from the initial reaction will be synthesized by Eton and additional reactions will be performed as necessary to completely sequence the region of interest. Single stranded walks or double stranded walks are available.

Publication Quality Sequencing Service is also available for plasmid and PCR Products. We will perform primer walk sequencing reactions as described above by using both DNA strands simultaneously when known initial primer sites exist on both terminal ends of the region of interest. Both strands of the region of interest are sequenced independently. The accuracy of Publication Quality Sequencing data is guaranteed by virtue of complete complementary sequences between the two strands.

Benefits of Primer Walking

  • Obtain sequencing data longer than 1kb
  • Saves you time assembling sequences and designing primers
  • Discover unknown regions

Sample Submission

  • Single Strand Primer Walking: Provide 500 ng of plasmid DNA for each 1kb walk. Please contact us for a more personalized recommendation on DNA requirements.
  • Double Strand Primer Walking: Please provide 1µg of plasmid per 1kb walk. Please contact us for a more personalized recommendation on DNA requirements
  • Provide primer or primer sequence for initial sequencing reaction.

Turnaround Time

Varies by plasmid size. Our service yields approximately 1.5kb/week. We can provide the sequence data as it is generated.


Primer walking service cost covers:

  • Primer Design and Synthesis
  • DNA Sequencing Reaction
  • Assembly of Final Sequences

For price inquiries, please email

Placing Your Primer Walking Order:

  • Step 1: Login to your account. If you don't have a login please Register an account;
  • Step 2: Select "Place Order" in the DNA Sequencing Section;
  • Step 3: For "Service Type" choose "Primer Walking";
  • Step 4: Indicate the length of sequencing data needed (ex: 4kb) in the "Special Instruction" box on the Order Details page.
  • Step 5: Review and submit the order.

***Please note that we cannot guarantee completion of primer walking projects, since secondary structures and difficult regions of sequence can make it impossible to read through certain sequences. However, we always try our best and if we cannot complete the project, we will only charge for the sequences obtained.

For additional questions about these services email

For help placing your order please call 1-800-758-1630.

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