DNA Sequencing - Pricing

For pricing information, please contact us at sales@etonbio.com.

Turn-around Time

Turn-around time is less than 24 hours for all orders.

Full Service Sequencing

Customers provide purified DNA template and primer (certain primers are provided for free) in separate tubes. We assemble the reactions and mix them with fluorescent dye and then run it on the sequencer.

If the result is good in the first run, you will be charged the full service price. However, if the result is not satisfactory in the first run for ANY reasons, we will adjust reaction parameters and run the reaction the second time at no extra charge. If it works, you are only charged for one run. If it fails again, you will be charged the full service price for both runs. (**Note: Free repeats are not available for the Difficult Plasmid Sequencing/Special Protocol.)

Ready to Load Sequencing

Customers are responsible for assembling the reactions and mixing them with big dye from ABI. After we receive the samples, we directly load them on the sequencer. We only run it one time regardless of the results.

Primer Walking

The price includes primer synthesis and sequencing reaction. The sequence of the primer is provided by the customers.

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