How to start using Eton's service

Register an account online and place orders after logging in to your account. After you place your order, we automatically schedule your pick up based on your sample ready time. Please choose "mail in-yes" if you will not need pick up. Please email to find out your order cut off and pick up times for your area.

How much template and primer we need:

Sample Type Concentration Volume
Purified PCR product < 1kb 10-20 ng/μl 8 μl
Purified PCR product > 1kb 20-50 ng/μl 8 μl
Unpurified PCR product* N/A 8 μl
ExoSAP-it treated PCR product* N/A 5 μl
Plasmid <6kb 50-150 ng/μl 8 μl
Plasmid >6kb 100-200 ng/μl 8 μl
Primer 5 μM 5 μl

If possible, we recommend doubling of the above amount in case we need to repeat in certain situations.

We provide certain primers for free.

Results Delivery:

We send compressed results in email normally in next morning. We send zipped files for both Windows and Mac users; We send .sit files for Mac users on demand. You need Winzip or Stuffit to decompress the files.

We have a quite comprehensive troubleshooting page to help you analysize the sequencing data.

Payment: We take PO numbers or credit cards (Visa, Master and American Express)

Normally we send out two copies of invocies: one to your accounting department for payment; the other to youself or your lab manger. For your copy, you need to do nothing other than to make sure that there are no mistakes and to keep it as your record.

Have more questions? Please visit FAQ.

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