SeqSaver Barcode Packs

How SeqSaver Works:



Order barcode pack online



Pack is shipped to you



Prepare premixed samples & barcode each tube/plate



Ship samples to us



Results sent to you

SeqSaver Advantages:

Ultra Low Prices

as low as $1.26/reaction.

Save Time

No need to place online sequencing orders.

Fast Turnaround

Results available in 12 hours upon sample arrival.

Order SeqSaver Barcode Packs:

Purchase SeqSaver Barcode Packs

Guideline for Pre-mixing Samples:

To ensure quality results, please follow the chart below as close as possible to premix templates with primers.

Sample Type Sample Size Template Concentration (ng/µl) Template Volume Needed (µl) Template Amount (ng) Primer Concentration (ng/µl) Primer Volume Needed (µl) Total Primer Amount (ng) diH2O Volume Needed (µl) Final Total Volume Needed (µl)
Plasmid <6 kb ~ 40-70 4.5 ~250 40 2 80 5.5 12
<6 kb ~ 70-100 3 ~250 40 2 80 7 12
<6 kb ~ 100-140 2 ~250 40 2 80 8 12
<6 kb ~ 140-180 1.6 ~250 40 2 80 8.4 12
<6 kb ~ 180-220 1.2 ~250 40 2 80 8.8 12
6-10kb ~ 50-80 4.6 ~300 40 2 80 5.4 12
6-10kb ~ 80-120 3 ~300 40 2 80 7 12
6-10kb ~ 120-160 2 ~300 40 2 80 8 12
6-10kb ~ 160-200 1.6 ~300 40 2 80 8.4 12
6-10kb ~ 200-240 1.4 ~300 40 2 80 8.6 12
>10 kb ~ 90-110 3.5 ~350 40 2 80 6.5 12
Purified PCR Products <1 kb ~ 5-15 3 ~30 40 2 80 7 12
<1 kb ~20-30 1.2 ~30 40 2 80 8.8 12
>1 kb ~15-25 4 ~80 40 2 80 6 12
>1 kb ~35-45 2 ~80 40 2 80 8 12

* To ensure optimal results, we highly recommend the use of diH2O in place of TE buffer.

** For primers of 20 bases, a molar concentration of 1.5µM (1.5 pmole/µl) corresponds to a mass concentration of 10ng/µl.

*** For plate orders, please add samples vertically (from A1 to H1)

SeqSaver Program Description

Barcode Label Program Service Description

This program is created to provide affordable sequencing services to customers in areas where we do not have local sample pick up services.

To use this service, you order barcode packs from after one time registration. Each time you have samples to sequence, you premix samples and primers (see protocol), put one barcode on each tube or each plate and ship them to us. You do not need to place the sequencing order online. Results are emailed to you or you can download them from your account.

Features of SeqSaver:

  1. Stretch your research dollars to the maximum:The bigger pack you purchase, the lower the cost is;
  2. Save your time: No need to place online sequencing order;
  3. Results available in 12 hours upon sample arrival;
  4. Pack of barcodes can be used partially, in as many orders as you want;
  5. Since the barcodes are prepaid, no invoicing/payment issues are involved after service is provided.

Please make sure to check FAQ page and Terms and Conditions.

SeqSaver Program Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Barcode Packs:

  1. I am located in a city/area where you have a branch or pickup services. Can I purchase SeqSaver barcodes to send in samples? A: Unfortunately no; the SeqSaver program is available only in areas where we do not provide pickup services. Please make sure that you are qualified before you purchase barcode labels.
  2. How can I purchase the SeqSaver barcode packs? A: They can be purchased online using credit card, purchase order (PO), or wire transfer. Barcode packs will be shipped out after payment is received. Please note that when PO is used, it may take a long time for us to receive the payment and therefore, the shipment of the barcode code be delayed accordingly.
  3. How soon do I receive the pack after I place my order? A: It takes less than a week to deliver the barcode pack(s) to you after payment is received. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is shipped. Again, please note that when PO is used, it may take a long time for us to receive the payment and therefore, the shipment of the barcode code be delayed accordingly.
  4. What should I do if I do not receive my shipment within one week? A: Please contact us by email ( to track it down. If we believe it was lost mid-transit, we will ship you replacement barcodes at no additional cost.
  5. Who pays for the shipping of the SeqSaver barcode pack order? A: The SeqSaver barcodes will be shipped to you free of shipping cost.
  6. I need direct sequencing from bacteria service (DSC) and/or purification for my PCR products (PCRp). How can I request these services through the SeqSaver program?
    A: Our DSC and PCRp services are not yet available for use with the SeqSaver program. SeqSaver currently only covers regular DNA (SeqRegular) sequencing services with plasmid samples and purified PCR products.
  7. Why do you provide two identical labels for each barcode? A: Extra labels are provided as a reference for notebook documentation. In addition, when we ship you the barcode packs, we will email a Barcode Record spreadsheet form containing all barcodes in your order. You can use this form to keep track of your sample names, primer names, and to add notes for each barcode.
  8. Can I use my account to place regular sequencing or oligo orders without using barcodes? A: Yes, absolutely! You may email us ( to get a comprehensive price quote for all of our services.
  9. Do I need to pay sales taxes on the SeqSaver barcode packs? A: No, since SeqSaver is a service, you will not need to pay sales taxes.
  10. Label Usage:

  11. How do I use the barcode labels after I receive them? A: Instructions and shipping guidelines will also be included in with the SeqSaver barcode packs.
    • Premix DNA templates with primers based on the instructions sheet: This is the most important step in ensuring the quality of your data;
    • Put one barcode label on each tube or plate. You do not need to place an online order.
    • Bag and ship the tubes/plates to us based on shipping guidelines.
    • Results will be emailed to you automatically within 12 hours of samples arriving at our facility. You can also view & download your results from your Eton account (under Order History).
    • For single-tubes, barcode numbers will be used as your sample names; for 96-well plates, the plate barcode plus well name (A1, B1, C1, …) will be used as sample names.
    • If you’ve never used Eton’s DNA sequencing service before or if you will work on a new construct/template, please send a small order first in case adjustments are needed to the amount of DNA template in each reaction in order to get the best results. We will work with you on making such adjustments.
  12. If barcode/well-names are used as sample names, how do I match them to the actual sample names? A: When we ship you the barcode pack, you will also be emailed a spreadsheet (Barcode Record Form) with all the barcodes you purchased listed in one column. You may enter your own sample names, primer names, and project names in the next columns to match each barcode.
  13. Do I have to use up all of the barcode labels in one order? A: Not at all. You can use as many as you need each time and save the remaining barcodes for future use.
  14. Is there an expiration date for the barcode labels? A: Yes. Barcode labels expire two years from the date they are shipped. Please make sure to evaluate your usage conservatively and cautiously.
  15. Can I get refund for unused or expired barcode labels? A: No. All sales of barcode labels are final.
  16. I’ve misplaced my barcode labels; can you re-send them to me? A: No. Unfortunately, the sales of barcode labels are final.
  17. Can I share my barcode labels with my colleagues? A: Yes. But for them to receive results you will need to either add their emails to your account (See answer to Question 30), or to provide your account login to them so that they can download results from the “Order History” section within your account. 
  18. Note: As the account holder, all our communications regarding your orders will be directed to you (primary email on the account) regardless who you share the SeqSaver barcodes with.

  19. For plate barcode and half-plate barcode: what happens if I do not have enough samples to fill up all the wells on a plate/half plate? A: Empty wells will be wasted. We recommend using a combination of single-tube barcodes and half-plate barcodes in such situations to save costs. If you do so, you will receive results from two separate orders: one from the single tube samples and another from half-plate samples.
  20. Can single-tube barcodes, half-plate barcodes, and full-plate barcodes be used interchangeably? A: No. We will not be able to sequence samples using an incorrect type of barcode. Please note: all single-tube barcodes start with ST, half-plate barcodes start with HP, and full-plate barcodes start with FP.
  21. Sample Preparation:

  22. What kind of tube should I use? A: You may use any type of tube that fits the barcode label. We highly recommend using 1 ml Snap-Cap Eppendorf tubes.
    empty sample tube
  23. How should I mix my templates with primers? A: See the Sample Premixing Instructions. These instructions are included in the SeqSaver barcode pack you receive. Please note that if you’ve never used Eton’s DNA sequencing service before or if you will work on a new construct/template, please send a small order first in case adjustments are needed to the amount of DNA template in each reaction in order to get the best results. We will work with you on making such adjustments.
  24. Where do I get universal primers? A: We sell universal primers at deep discounts. You may purchase them here.
  25. How should I package and ship my samples?

    A: Single-Tubes: Mix your template with primer and close the cap tightly. Wrap one barcode label on each tube. Put all tubes in a bag and ship to the address listed on the instruction sheet.

    Plates: Mix your samples with primers in the plate vertically (A1-H1). The best way to seal the plate is to use 8-strip caps that fit your corresponding plate. Film seals with and without heat will also work, but please make sure each well is completely sealed around the well opening so leakage or evaporation doesn't occur. Put one plate barcode either on the side of the plate or on top of the plate.

    When packaging plates, we recommend using a box/container with cushioning to prevent the plate from bending or moving inside the box during shipping.

    If you are not sure whether your way of sealing/packaging works, please send a dummy plate with water in each well to see whether leakage happens during transportation.

  26. Who pays for the shipping costs of the samples to Eton? A: All shipments to our facilities need to be paid by our customers. You can also purchase prepaid Fedex Priority Overnight shipping label from here at $29 each. Please note that the sale of the label is final so please be conservative when deciding the quantity you purchase.
  27. Can I package multiple orders in one shipment in order to save shipping costs? A: Yes, as long as the samples for each order are in separate bags.
  28. Which shipping company should I use to send the samples: A: Feel free to use any shipping company to deliver your samples used by researchers. If you purchased Fedex Priority Overnight shipping labels from us, you will need to use the service of Fedex.
  29. Sample Processing and Results Delivery:

  30. What happens after you receive my shipment of samples? A: We will place a proxy order on your behalf. You will receive an email to indicate that we have received your samples and have begun processing your order. Your order information will be also included in the email.
  31. Will I get free repeats if I am not satisfied with the first run? A: No, free repeats are not offered with our SeqSaver service. Repeats will only be done when, at our discretion, we find that the failures or low quality reads are due to a technical error, machine problems, or reagent problems. Therefore, if you’ve never used Eton’s DNA sequencing service before or if you will work on a new construct/template, we highly recommend that you send a small order first in case adjustments are needed to the amount of DNA template in each reaction in order to get the best results. We will work with you on making such adjustments.
  32. How soon can I get my results? A: We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time of results delivery. However, we always strive to deliver results within 12 hours upon arrival to our facility.
  33. How do I know whether Eton receives my shipment of samples? A: You will receive an email notification. See answer to question 26.
  34. Can I share my results with my colleagues? If so, how do I do that? A: Yes, you can. Log into your Eton account, and go to “My Account”:

    Click on “Manage Results-Sending Emails Information”.

    Here you can add emails to whomever you would like to share results with. Another way of sharing results with your colleagues is to share your login info and let them download the results from “Order History”.

  35. Will I be charged for the processing of the orders? A: No. Order processing is accounted for when purchasing the barcode pack. There are no extra hidden fees.



  1. Services. Eton Bioscience, Inc. (“Eton”) provides Sanger DNA sequencing services (“Services”) to clients located outside the areas where Eton provides sample pickup by selling pre-paid barcode label packets for the client to use to ship samples to Eton(“SeqSaver”) as described on Eton’s website at The Services Eton provides to any client (“Client”) under the SeqSaver will be as described on Eton’s website, which is incorporated by reference into any order for barcode labels and Services provided under the SeqSaver (“Order”). By submitting an Order Client agrees to these SeqSaver General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Limitations. The SeqSaver is intended for Clients located in areas where Eton does not provide sample pickup services. Clients located within areas where Eton provides sample pickup services may not use the SeqSaver. Clients located within Eton’s sample pickup areas must order Services as provided on Eton’s website.
  3. Ordering Barcode Labels. All Orders for barcode label packs must be placed online through Eton’s website. Clients must first register an account online through the website. Instructions for registering an account and placing an Order for barcode label packs are found on Eton’s website.
  4. Pricing. Prices for barcode label packs purchased under the SeqSaver are listed on Eton’s website. Eton will ship barcode label packs ordered by Client once payment has been received by Eton. Payment can be made by credit card, purchase order number or wire transfer. Eton will pay the cost of shipping the barcode label packs to Client.
  5. All Sales Final. All sales of barcode label packs are final. Eton will not replace barcode label packs lost or misplaced by Client.
  6. Expiration Date. All barcode label packs expire two years after the date the barcode label pack is shipped by Eton (“Expiration Date”). Eton will not replace or refund the cost of barcode label packs the Client does not use by the Expiration Date.
  7. Premixed Samples. Clients using the SeqSaver must submit samples premixed with primers according to instructions Eton includes with the barcode label packs it ships to Clients.
  8. Sample Shipping Costs. Clients are responsible for arranging and paying to ship the premixed samples back to Eton. If you purchased Fedex Priority Overnight shipping labels from Eton, you will not be charged by Fedex for the shipping cost since Eton will pay for it and you already prepaid Eton.
  9. Ownership of Material Samples and Data. Client will provide Eton with sufficient amounts of sample material (“Client Material”) needed to complete the Services requested in the Order for barcode label packs. Eton will use the Client Material to provide the Services as described on Eton’s website. Eton will only use the Client Material for the benefit of the Client and to provide the Services requested by Client.
  10. Confidentiality. Eton will treat as confidential and proprietary to the Client all Client Material submitted by Client, as well as all data and material produced as part of any Services Eton provides to Client (“Confidential Information”). Eton will not disclose or provide Confidential Information to any third party. If disclosure of Confidential Information is required in any legal proceeding, Eton will promptly notify Client prior to any disclosure to allow customer to take appropriate action. Client agrees to reimburse Eton’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs if Eton is required to testify or produce documents in any legal or administrative proceeding relating to the Services Eton provides to Client.
  11. Disposition and Storage of Client's Materials. Unless otherwise requested by the Client, upon completion of the Services Eton will store remaining Client Material for two weeks. At the conclusion of the two-week period following completion of Services, Eton will destroy the remaining Client Materials. Eton will store, at no cost to Client, data regarding the Services provided for a period of one year. Eton will not transfer or provide Client Materials, in whole or in part, to any third party without Client’s prior written approval.
  12. Limited Warranty. Eton’s warranty for the Services it provides is limited to performance of the Services in accordance with the standard of performance in the industry for those Services. Client must notify Eton in writing of any claim for breach of such warranty within two weeks after delivery of data to Client. Client’s sole remedy for breach of warranty shall be to require Eton repeat performance of the Service one time. Eton will provide one repeat of Services only when it is determined by Eton, at its discretion, that a failure or low quality result is due to Eton’s mistake or problems with Eton’s equipment or reagent.
  13. No Consequential Damages. Eton will not be liable to Client for any consequential damages or loss suffered or incurred by Client in connection with the processing of any Order or Services provided by Eton, whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise.
  14. Indemnification. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Eton, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates and agents from and against any cost, damage, expense, attorneys’ fees or other loss or liability incurred or paid, arising out of or on account of claims or suits, whether in law or equity, which may be asserted or brought against any of the indemnified parties, including, but not limited to, claims for (a) infringing intellectual property of third party, (b) violation of any State or Federal law, (c) breach of contract, or (d) omission, negligence, or willful acts by Client, and/or its officers, employees and agents in connection with the Order for barcode label pack or Services submitted by Client and the Services provided by Eton to fulfill the Order.
  15. Non-restrictive Relationship. Client acknowledges that Eton may and does provide the same Services to other Clients.
  16. Force Majeure. No failure or omission by Eton in the performance of any Services will be deemed a breach if it arises from cause or causes beyond the control of Eton, including, but not limited to, the following: acts of God; acts or omissions of any government; any rules, regulations or orders issued by any governmental authority or by any officer, department, agency or instrumentality thereof; fire; flood; storm; earthquake; accident; power outage; war; rebellion; insurrection; riot; and invasion. Eton shall notify Client of such force majeure circumstances as soon as reasonably practical, and shall promptly undertake all reasonable efforts necessary to cure such force majeure circumstances.
  17. Governing Law and Venue. The Order and these Service Agreement General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the substantive laws of the State in which the Services are,or were to be, performed (without regard to any conflict of law rules which might require or allow the application of the laws of another jurisdiction). Any action arising out of or relating to any Order shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction located in the County and State in which the Services are, or were to be, performed.
  18. Attorneys’ Fees. In the event any litigation or other proceeding is brought to enforce the terms of any Order, or in the event of any litigation or other proceeding arising out of, or in connection with, any Order, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees, expenses and costs.
  19. No Waiver. A waiver of a breach of any of the terms of an Order or these Barcode Label Program General Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any succeeding breach of the same or any other term.

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