Genomic Services - Gene Synthesis Service

We provide service for gene de novo synthesis. Our outstanding expertise in gene synthesis ensures reliability and speed. You are guaranteed supreme service at a low cost. If you work for a commercial company, please email for a quote.

Highlights of Gene Synthesis Service

  • Price is as low as $1.00/bp!
  • Averaged turnaround time is 14 business days
  • 100% accuracy on every gene all the time
  • Every order is strictly confidential
  • Optimized codon usage for your expression
  • No cost to you if we fail to deliver the correct product

Pricing and Turnaround Time

Length Price Turnaround Time
<500bp $0.79/bp 12 business days
500bp-1.5kb $0.59/bp 12-15 business days
>1.5kb $0.79/bp 15 business days

Note: Contact us for quote on bulk orders or gene variants.

All prices included on this website are in effect as of the date of the last website update and are subject to change without notice. California customers are subject to CA sales tax which is not included in the price. Current prices can be obtained by calling us at 800-758-1630 or email to

Our Guarantee

If we fail to deliver the correct genes, there will be no charge to the customer;

Cloning Vehicle

Genes are cloned into pBluescript vector or pCR2.1 vector; Cloning into custom vector is available at additional charge.

Gene Design

Codon optimization assistance is available free of charge;

Delivery Specifications

  • 5 µg lyophilized plasmid with gene insert
  • Double strand sequence chromatograms of gene (electronic).
  • Map and sequence of plasmid with gene insert (electronic).

How to place orders

  • Order online: Take a few minutes to register yourself. After you login your account, you will find online order form for gene synthesis; Or,
  • Email your order information to

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