Fragment Analysis - Template Preparation

  • Run PCR with fluorescently labeled primers according to any standard PCR protocol that produces an adequate amount of product.
  • Dilute samples with dH20 if needed.
  • Submit 3-5uL of the fluorescently labeled PCR product.
    • It is generally unnecessary to perform post-PCR purification for fragment analysis.
    • The optimal range for fragment analysis will vary based on the type of sample, and fragment analysis application being used. It is the responsibility of the customer to dilute their PCR samples to the appropriate concentration before submitting them to Eton Bioscience. Typically this will between 1uL:3uL – 1uL:90uL (PCR template:dH20).
  • Fill out an order form online with sample name and the fluorescent dye that was used during PCR amplification.
  • Once your samples arrive in our lab, we will add Hi-Di, LIZ size standard, and 2uL sample to each reaction, denature all samples at 95°C and load onto the 3730xl DNA analyzer.
    • If premixing samples for Frag-Ready-to-Load, the total reaction volume should be 10uL for each reaction.
  • All results will be emailed to you as .fsa files within 24 hours.
Use this free software to perform DNA fragment analysis.
Download Free Peak Scanner™ Software v1.0

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