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Lentivirus is a type of retrovirus that can infect both dividing and nondividing cells. Lentiviral infection has advantages over other gene-therapy methods in that lentivirus could integrate its genetic material into the host cell allowing for stable, long-term expression of the transgene or shRNA with low immunogenicity.

Eton offers custom lentivirus construction services for your scientific research as follows. It will save your time and efforts in preparing virus

  • Target gene synthesis and suclone into custom required vectors or Eton-validated lentiviral gene expression vector.
  • shRNA design, the double-stranded DNA oligo encoded shRNA synthesis, subclone shRNA into your vector of choice or Eton-validated lentiviral shRNA expression vector.
  • Lentiviral packaging service to produce high-quality, high-titer Ready-To-Use lentiviral particles in 2 weeks
  • Generate stable cell line of your interest by lentiviral vector-mediated gene transfer.
  • Validate the high-expression or knock-down clone by PCR or Western Blot.
  • Expert technical assistance provided by Eton's experienced scientific staff response within 48 hours.

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