Antibody Service

Accelerated Polyclonal Antibody Production in Rabbit: 30 Days, high titre and high affinity.

Eton provides polyclonal antibody production service in rabbit and the turnaround time is 30 days, instead of the normal 80 days. You get the same quality antibody at faster turnaround time, at a better price. We normally generate a significant response at 1/20,000 or better from immunogenic antigens.

Highlights of our polyclonal antibody production services:
  •   Duration: 30 days
  •   Immunization of 2 rabbits
  •   Customer receives: 20-30 ml antiserum or purified antibody 3-5 mg
  •   For Anti-protein antibodies, send us your Protein lyophilised or in solution
  •   For Anti-peptide antibodies, we can design your peptide(s) for free

Within 3 days, you will receive our recommended sequence(s)


  • 5% Off for First-Time Antibody Service Customers!
  • 5% Off for All Sequencing Customers!
Service Price
30-days rabbit polyclonal antibody production (two rabbits) $849
Conjugation to Carrier Protein (per antigen) $275
ELISA (per Bleed) $300
Purification (Protein A/G) $350
Antigen-Specific Affinity Purification: 8 ml Serum/Per Purification $750
Additional Antigen-Specific Affinity Purification: 8 ml Serum/Per Purification $350
Continued Boosting (per boost/per animal): One Boost/two weeks $30
To keep animal for more days after final boost (per animal/per day) $3.50

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